The Kursi is Allaah’s Footstool

Imaam at-Tahaawiyy said:

The `Arsh (Throne) and the Kursi (Footstool) are real.”

Shaikh al-Albaani:

“Allaah تعالى said about the Kursi: {His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth}.[1] The Kursi is that which is in front of the `Arsh; and it has been authentically reported that Ibn `Abbaas said: ‘The Kursi is the place for the two Feet, and no one can tell how vast the `Arsh is except Allaah تعالى,’ as narrated in my book Mukhtasar Al-`Uluw lith-Thahabi no. 36.[2]

There isn’t any authentic report ascribable to the Prophet ﷺ regarding the Kursi besides his ﷺ statement: ‘The seven heavens in comparison to the Kursi are just like a ring thrown in a desert, and the greatness of the `Arsh over the Kursi is like the greatness of that desert over that ring.’ This is something which also invalidates interpreting the Kursi as ‘knowledge,’ and this interpretation is not an authentic report from Ibn `Abbaas as I clarified in As-Saheehah no. 109.”

[1] Surah Al-Baqarah 2:255
[2] Abu Musa al-Ash`ari also said: “The Kursi is the place for the two Feet, and it creaks like a camel saddle does under heavy load” –Mukhtasar Al-`Uluw lith-Thahabi no. 85

[al-`aqeedah at-tahaawiyyah sharh wa ta`leeq 49 /]

The Kursi is Allaah’s Footstool