aspiring to marry a student of knowledge

source: silsilat ul-hudaa wa nnoor, tape no. 345/7
asaheeha translations

Question: “Is it allowed for a woman to make a condition that the one proposing to her must be a student of knowledge?”

Shaykh al-Albaani (rahimahullaah) answers:

“Meaning, she wants the one proposing to be from the students of knowledge, so what’s the problem? So she wants him to be a righteous man, but she also keenly desires (both) righteous and a student of knowledge. Of course, when she is making this requirement for him to be a student of knowledge, she does not mean someone who is not righteous. Thus, she means one who is (both) righteous and a student of knowledge. What is the problem with this? If only all young women were of this kind.”

aspiring to marry a student of knowledge

5 thoughts on “aspiring to marry a student of knowledge

    1. wa alayki ssalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh wa maghfiratuh,

      wa iyyaaki ukhti,

      here it is:

      هل يجوز لفتاة ان تشترط على من يخطبها ان يكون طالب علم؟

      جواب الشيخ الالباني
      يعني السؤال واضح و مش واضحح
      يعني هي ترغب ان يكون الخاطب من طلاب العلم، شو فيها هي؟
      يعني مثل ترغب ان يكون رجل صالح، طيب هي طمّاعة صالح وطالب علم
      بالطبع هي لما تطلب هذا الطلب ان يكون طالب علم لا تعني غير صالح
      فإذاً هي تعني صالح وطالب علم، شو المانع من هذا، و ليت الفتيات كلهن مثل هذا الجنس

  1. Massoud says:

    Masha’a Allah, the last sentence of the Sheikh was simply priceless. May we all aspire to marry such seekers of knowledge, Ameen!

  2. shonadan says:

    MashaaAllah!! yes indeed if many young women were of this kind. If we women raise our standards men would have no choice but to step up! And yes may we women be seekers of those who seek knowledge ameen!!

    I often wonder if it would be a good idea for all single women to team up, and make their standards for a spouse uniform. It would be nice to see women take back some control by demanding that a man who wishes to marry them be a seeker of knowledge. I think this would be a benefit to those males who wish to marry, a great reminder and a means for them to take marriage and family life more seriously. Allah truly knws best!

    ”akhee man, all women want these days is a taalib, if you aint studying under a scholar its like no one wants you, the first thing they ask ‘who are you taking your religion from ? how many books have you read? ‘ honestly no joke akh!”……………..

    Can you imagin men taking us women more seriously!! And not just a place of relief from their desires! Perhaps there should be a set standard amount of questions some kind of check list!! The bros sure have their check lists!!

    May Allah grant us all a good ending ameen.x.x.x.x.x

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